So what is this all about?

Several months ago over a glass or two of wine I got talking to a very good friend of mine about movies, the movies we’d seen, the movies we wanted to see and our opinions on them. We quickly came to the conclusion that although we had seen a lot of movies there was quite a gap in our individual movie experiences.

This got us thinking….

How do we find a list of movies which have been pre-validated by a large group of people, which could be termed classics, or “the” movies you should see before you die.  Well I guess in hindsight it was a bit of a no brainer, IMDB is the definitive choice for everything Film and TV related. We searched the “Top 250” titles by rating and came up with our list.

Our plan is to watch each movie on the list starting at 250, working towards the movie described as the best movie of all time (at number 1). We will be watching the movies separately and compiling our feedback alone, the blog will be a mind meld of our individual opinions on the movies. We don’t have a time limit and the blog may well be updated sporadically based on movie availability and time. And, before you ask, no we will not be publishing the list, as we would like you to be as equally surprised as us, as to the next film on the list.

I’m sure we will all get to know each other better as this project progresses, but I guess we should provide a little background to whet your appetites.

I am 39, and an expatriate from the UK. Growing up my viewing experience was restricted to viewing big Hollywood blockbusters when they made it across the pond, and was also limited by the availability of older movies on the TV or for rental. I can distinctly remember the joy at bringing home that first rented copy of Superman 2 on Betamax and watching it multiple times, has it made the list? We will all have to wait and see.

I am a 34 year old child of the 80’s… I grew up in the United States where excess and convenience are considered a way of life and “culture” is considered driving down to the local Taco Bell.  I believe in fairy tales and happy endings, yet I can appreciate a movie that makes you cry or genuinely feel emotion.  I watched many movies with my Mom and my tastes have probably been forever blessed (or tainted?) by her. I wanted to be an actress myself and love getting mesmerized by a good story.  But if I get bored, I am known to curl up with a blanket and take a little snooze….


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